Each day offers us an opportunity to renew our resolve to ourselves and the universe, that we are ready for change. You hold within you the power to transform your world.

When Body, Mind, Heart And Spirit Are Strong, That Synergy In Strength Gives You The Courage And Freedom To Focus On The Things That Bring Joy To You And Those You Love.

My name is Erika DeJesus.  I am a Certified Health Coach … among other things.  I’ve never been a fan of official titles, but I know they are important to many, so I’ve included my professional credentials on the ‘About’ page on this website.  Overall, I consider myself a Health Researcher and Positive Life Coach. I don’t believe there are any official certification programs for that, but … that is what I am most passionate about.    

My goal is to help people realize that everything is connected. EVERYthing – especially our energy as we are beings of beautiful, powerful, creative, and healing energy.  When we are plugged in to the infinite energy available to us we can improve our health, relationships, financial well-being, and the amount of joy we feel every day. We can discover our purpose here or expand upon it if we are already in a good place in our lives. 

Many people have lost touch with joy, love, passion, laughter.  Life happens – sometimes we get a little lost along the way.  You may have lost touch with those wonderful feelings, but you yourself are not ‘lost’ – you are here. And ‘here’ is a gateway to learning how to find those emotions and feelings again.

The Synergy In Strength Coaching Approach Is Not About Acquiring More Self-Discipline Or Willpower.

It’s about personally discovering what feeds you, what nourishes your soul, your body, your mind, and ultimately what makes your life extraordinary.  

If you found your way to this website or it found its way to you, it means you are an intelligent, highly sensitive, and curious soul with an appreciation for learning and growth.

I’m Here To Guide You

My mission is to offer you the gift of connection, to help you understand and restore your physical, mental, and spiritual energy. 

I will lay the foundation for you by giving you the knowledge, tools, and support to understand how to do this when you are ready. You are more powerful than you realize, you brilliant energetic soul!