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“When your awareness expands, limitations dissolve and fulfillment becomes natural and easy.”

I've spent many years researching the bridge between science and metaphysics.  I have a Bachelors in Science from the University of Connecticut, but have always found myself attracted to the "alternative" sciences- the type of science that can't necessarily be measured (yet).

And while I've built a strong business on working one on one with clients as a health and wellness coach, I know that now is the time to share my knowledge with a larger audience.

That's why I've finally decided to create this program.
Your 12-Weeks in Exploring Energy will teach you:
  • To use your body’s own energy system for physical and emotional healing and rapid change.
  • That you are not a victim of your genes and you have the power to turn them on and off.
  • That the experiences and feelings we choose to focus on can rewire your brain.
  • To harness the energy of food and water and even touch on the energy of our beloved mother earth.
  • That the energy you put out is the energy you attract.

We'll put all of these things together to greatly affect the quality of your health and outlook on life every day.

And it's not as hard as you think!

There will be NO pills, NO elimination diets, NO measuring, weighing, or counting anything.

Since this is the FIRST time I am offering this course, you'll receive it at a ONE TIME discount with a LIFETIME of benefits.
When you sign up you'll get:
  • A weekly lesson released in our membership portal exploring the ways you can harness your own energy to manifest the life you DESERVE.
  • EXCLUSIVE Sunday Morning Coaching and Coffee Group sessions with your peers.
  • LIFETIME access to our PRIVATE Facebook group where you can ask me questions and interact with your fellow Exploring Energy students.

I created Synergy in Strength to provide a resource for women who are going through a transition in their lives of one sort or another – women who are waking up to their unique dreams and potential at whatever age it may be. 

As a former competitive bodybuilder I know a great deal about strengthening my physical body through the right combination of exercise and food to feed my body yet for many years on the inside I felt small and weak. Something was missing – my body was healthy, but my heart and soul were not happy. So I read, studied, talked to others, hired and worked with life coaches, listened and learned about another type of ‘food’ that was even more important than the food I was feeding my body. And this learning became the foundation of the life coaching programs I offer.

I have faced my own share of struggles over the years.

I survived a serious eating disorder, two marriages ending in divorce, a series of nightmare jobs and life as a single mom to a son with the heart and soul of a lion, wisdom of an owl and gentleness of a dove, who has experienced and overcome his own health challenges.

Despite these trials, today I am consciously choosing not to dwell on the past…rather to merely reflect on these experiences and use them as a foundation to strengthen my soul and remind me of who I was called to be.

It is through my education and experiences here that I have the privilege of sharing my knowledge with others. Through my gentle approach, we will help you achieve the shifts you so desire in your physical and mental being.

Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime pricing

You are unique and beautiful, and you deserve to feel your best!

How would your life change if you had total control over your own energy?

What would your relationships look like if you really believed in yourself?

Really stop and think about those questions for a moment!  When you imagine these things happening, how do you feel?

Most of us have two lives:

The life we live, and the unlived life within us.

Join me for 12 weeks of manifesting the life you desire.  Through weekly lessons, coaching calls, and access to my exclusive community, I'll help you move past things that may be holding you back from moving forward into the best life possible- because the best life is what you deserve.
Erika DeJesus

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Disclaimer: I do not provide the services of a licensed dietician or nutritionist, information received should not be seen as medical or nursing advice and is not meant to take the place of seeing licensed health professionals.  Please research each herb and essential oil before adding into your daily regime, and as always, please consult your Medical Professional.