Success Stories

Inspring stories from my amazing clients.

Jacinta’s Story

I met Erika back in 2016 when I was looking for a personal trainer. Since that time, she has guided me through several training programs with superior results.  Fast forward to August of 2019!I reached out to Erika for coaching for a Figure competition, which was a goal that I had for many years.  I met with her and she designed a custom macro/workout plan.  I followed the plan to a ‘T’and everything just fell into place. I checked in with her twice each week for thirteen weeks with pictures and weekly weights.  One thing I can say about Erika is that she always responded promptly to any questions I had. She’s a very positive and caring soul, and makes her clients a top priority.  Erika’s also encouraging and knowledgeable, which goes hand in hand with training.  Fast forward again to October 27, 2019, my competition day.  She made my day so exciting, from morning preparation to making sure everything was on schedule. Erika was absolutely wonderful backstage!She made my day extra special, even bringing me flowers for encouragement.   I ended up placing fourth in novice Figure, not bad for a 54-year-old first timer! Now I’m working toward a spring show!

– Jacinta Marie – October 2019

On Working With Me

Sharing my feedback on the coaching program provided by Erika DeJesus for the Somers, CT boys high school lacrosse team. This program has grown over the past 6 years from a small group of 5-6 kids to 35 high school boys wanting to improve their strength, speed, agility, power and skill on the field.

– Jon Paley – pre-season Coach February 2018

Heather’s Story

Success story for Heather Lederman – loving mom to two amazing boys, wife to a supportive and great husband, all natural figure competitor, disciplined and determined athlete, and beautiful soul! This is a prime example of how taking care of your body by reducing or eliminating toxins, eating primarily organic whole foods and supplements and exercise can actually help you ‘age backward’!

Heather Lederman – January 2018

“This past year has been a difficult time in my life, due to physical, emotional, and relationship changes. After meeting Erika at a graduation party in mid July of 2017, I instantly felt a connection. Giving her a scoop into my life, and the situations I had been dealing, she knew right away the direction my life needed to go.

I hired Erika’s service a month later, in which she designed a workout for me that my body could handle. I worked out with her three days a week, and also incorporated nutritional products she suggested from Isagenix. This company sells supplement products such as protein shakes, weight loss supplements, snacks and meal replacement shakes. Associating Isagenix into my workout has really made a positive difference in my health.

My goal in the beginning of this experience was to acquire more strength, confidence, and being happy and healthy. In the first month of working out with Erika, I felt a slow and steady change as I woke up each day feeling like a new and better version of myself. After positive results from the first month, I decided to have Erika design another workout plan for me. This goal was to become lean and strong. Finishing up this second workout plan, I felt that I was definitely achieving my goal.

Erika has made me feel more confident, stronger, and at ease as I continue on with my own workouts. She has motivated me through the countless hours in the gym and in life. She has the characteristics of a great mentor, motivator, and friend; she is caring, kind, and humble person. I am so fortunate and thankful to have met Erika because she has made my mind, body, and soul at peace.”

– Nina Lofgren, November 2017

Girl’s Lacrosse – Somers, CT

“I am writing this testimonial in honor of the young sophomore, Brie Bernier, who organized the Somers high school girls lacrosse team and introduced them to the pre-season Speed, Agility, Quickness, Strength & Flexibility program I have been running for the Somers High School boys lacrosse team for the past 7 years. This young woman accompanied her older brother to the practices and whenever she could she would grab time to practice her stick skills if there was an empty field to be found. She watched the program I developed for the boys and approached me about doing the same for the girls team. I was happy to help and she got started coordinating everything from talking to the team captains, the head coach at the high school and even the individual in charge of renting the fields at SportsWorld in East Windsor, CT where we train. This group of young women have drive, passion, and an energy that is absolutely electric! This is really a ‘reverse testimonial’ as I wanted to write it on behalf of Brie and her teammates who motivate and support each other at each practice. It is an honor and privilege working with these young women!”

– Erika Dejesus, Proud Coach


After working out with various trainers and not achieving my fitness goals, I made a decision to hunt down a professional independent trainer in my area. I finally found a true professional in personal training, and her name is Erika DeJesus.

We met at a local gym and spoke about my fitness goals, including wanting to put on some lean muscle. Finally I was speaking to someone who was educated in this area. “Wow!” I said to myself. I went home and reviewed the paperwork that was emailed to me, and then I started my training with Erika the next week. The first week of training was so different from what I was used to, not necessarily the equipment part of the training, but the way she handled me and spoke to me explaining different things about training. It was so exciting for me to finally be speaking and training with someone knowledgeable in this area.

Fast forward eleven months, and I’m still on my training journey to build lean muscle, and that I have! She has written up several training plans, each one a bit more difficult, and she has also educated me in the nutrition aspect too. I’ve learned so much from her! ?

She has always been there to answer any questions as needed along the way. Erika has brought me to the next level of fitness, with the training, fitness classes she’s recommended, and races.

She is truly a genuine person, and along the way through my journey, I have found a special friend!
So if you’re looking to go to the next level in fitness she’s the one!

Thank you, Erika!”

– Jacinta Mitchell, August 2017

“Erika is a great coach and mentor. Very knowledgeable, prepared and caring. Her follow-up and attention to detail is excellent. I especially like that she works with you in mind and spirit, two very key ingredients in achieving your goals. She put together a great program for me. I value Erika as a coach and would highly recommend her services.”  

– Laurie Mongillo

“As my health coach and trainer Erika DeJesus has done more for me than I ever expected.  Working with Erika I found that most of my health and fitness issues stem from not having a balanced life.  I am still working on reaching that balance and have made some important moves in my life that will help me get to where I need to be.  Erika has been my Jiminy Cricket all along the way when I really needed it. Her enthusiasm for health and fitness really keeps you motivated.  She also introduced me to Isagenix products which I am using and love!   Thank you Erika for all you do!”

– Sue Pausmer

Somers High School Lax

“My name is Jon Paley and I’m the head coach of the Somers, Ct. boys 7th and 8th grade Sr. ‘A’ lacrosse team. As a staunch supporter of dynamic warmups, agility training, and general strength and conditioning, in January of ’13 we asked Erika to come in and work with the team.  Every Sunday morning for approximately 2 hours, Erika trained and conditioned the team with warmups, agility and a general variety of conditioning training and drills. 


My philosophy has always been to have the best conditioned team on the field in the last quarter of the game – where it counts the most. As the season progressed you could clearly see the positive affect Erika’s training had on the team. Additionally, we used Erika to provide and lead the dynamic warm-up routines used before every practice and game. Because of of Erika’s commitment and dedication to improving the overall conditioning of the team, we had one of the most successful seasons of any Somers Sr. A teams  in recent memory. Needless to say, we will be using her again next year. ”  -Jon Paley, Head Coach, 7th & 8th grade Sr. A Somers, CT lacrosse team

Erika continued to work with this same team of boys in high school providing dynamic warm-ups, core, strength, agility, speed & plyometric training once a week in the off-season – November through February. We followed her 30-minute training program with lacrosse specific drills and practice for the offensive and defensive lines. Through the dedication and discipline of our coaching team and the boys of course the Somers high school boys lacrosse team won the CT Class S State Championships two years in a row – 2016 and 2017! A record for the small town of Somers! That has never been done before.  Well done to all!”

– Jon Paley 

Superman aka John McGovern

John came to me late winter of 2013 with a desire to put on 10 lbs of lean muscle to compete in an upcoming bodybuilding competition on June 29, 2013.  I created a carb-cycling and all-natural supplement program for him with a focus on lean muscle gain as well as a workout program designed to help him put on some muscle size, especially in his legs, and yet still maintain definition in preparation for his show.  John is truly a dedicated and disciplined client who followed his program to a ‘T!’  And his discipline paid off!  He placed 1st in the novice division and 2nd in the open division of a very tough show!  But you know the best thing about this young man is his inner strength and kind heart.  True strength – inside and out! Congrats to a very super man!!

“In my last contest June 22, 2012 I did fairly well but only put on 3-4 lbs. I placed in the top 5 in my division. Always talking with Erika and seeing her philosophy on training I knew we would work well together. She had me on more clean food than I thought I could eat never mind managing to eat all my carbs which were very high but kept me full and round at the same time. I got a real solid bulk up from the diet which kept me lean at the same time. When dropping fat for the show it came off easy and I didnt have to lose as much as in past contests,  also I drank more water. By contest date I weighed 9 lbs more than my last contest just as lean as I could be with wider fuller legs especially with a back to match. I appreciate all the support Erika has given me and continues to give me to keep pushing for my goals.”

– John McGovern

“In October of 2011 I had reached my limit! I was a 40+ year old busy single mom who really needed a boost. Leading such a busy life, I had let my own fitness go and really needed to get back into shape but had no idea where to start. I enlisted Erika to help me get started and sure enough we hit the ground running! Erika started me off with a training program, worked with me 3-4 days per week and I started seeing results pretty quickly. I have gone from a size 16 to a size 10 in less than 6 months by watching what I eat and working out 5-6 days per week.

Erika has been by my side during this entire journey. She created meal plans to fit my needs as well as a workout plan that has grown and evolved as I have transformed into a healthier me! I never thought I could feel this good! Erika has kept me motivated through it all! She is truly committed to everything she does, but fitness coaching and training is her passion and it shows! I never could have done this without her. I will continue to work with Erika and would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to make a positive change in their life. Erika has been a phenomenal inspiration in my life.”

– Robin Parncutt

Family Journey

“My mom (Erika DeJesus) has been creating workout routines for me to follow for some time now and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Once I realized that I was pushing 300 lbs I knew I needed to make a change. Lucky for me, my mom is a fitness fanatic! When I told her that I wanted to lose some weight she was more than happy to work with me and she quickly created some nutritional guidelines and a workout program for me to follow. She stayed with me every step of the way and was always there for support when I needed it or to answer a question when I asked. I have now lost 60+ lbs and owe a great deal of it to my wonderful mom who has ALWAYS been there for me.”

– Michael DeJesus

“Erika was a major help to me when it came to my weight gain goals. She was very personable and was even able to meet with me on short notice to discuss a workout and diet program. If you have any fitness goals, she’s definitely the person to go to! By the end of the summer, I wanted to put on an extra 10 lbs. of muscle. Summer has just started and I’ve already reached that goal thanks to Erika.”

– Shane O’Connor